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Kid’s Martial Arts

Imagine your child facing each day with MORE self-confidence after just a few lessons in our highly recommended  kids program!

Because we start every child off with a free beginners session, your ninja will be prepared to charge full steam ahead into our age-specific martial arts classes.

To get started, click the button below.

This short session will help us get to know you, and give us the chance to talk about your child’s strengths and challenges.

Equally as important, your child will get to know us before joining a regular class, and we will be able to make sure your child is placed in the best possible class for their level of Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Social development.

Finally, you’ll also get to see how we work with the kids so you can make an educated decision about joining.

Once your child successfully completes the initial evaluation you will be able to schedule your child’s regular class times.

Questions? Give us a call! 309-229-1551

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Please complete registration within 10:00 minutes.

After 10:00 minutes, the reservation we're holding will be released to others.

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