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David Jacobson reviewed Kuk Sool Won of Normal
via Facebook

Megan and Greg are some of the best instructors you can ever find. They have great attention to detail. They also know how to work with each person's individual learning style. You will not be disappointed when you join the Kuk Sool family.

Thomas Pusch reviewed Kuk Sool Won of Normal
via Facebook

Great for young and old. My son has learned discipline and confidence. The physical fitness has eliminated my chronic back pain, and we have both learned priceless self defense techniques. These 2 blackbelts are engaging fantastic teachers.

Barbara King reviewed Kuk Sool Won of Normal
via Facebook

What a great husband and wife team the owners of KSW Bloomington/Normal make! Both are full of life, energetic, compassionate, love working with children, and most of all, have a desire to share their many years knowledge of the martial arts. Joining the martial arts will be one of the best decisions you will make in your life, it's not just kicking and punching, it's a community that's an extension of your family.

Terry B reviewed Kuk Sool Won of Normal
via Facebook

Discipline- check. Fun - check. Great for the body and mind - check. Kuk Sool Won has to be checked out. Wonderful folks. 🏆

Rachel Heckman reviewed Kuk Sool Won of Normal
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Megan clearly cares about supporting and nurturing children to learn and be their best. My son loves being able to learn new skills and have a positive outlet for his energy. Greg and Megan both work hard and and are caring teachers and respectful people.

Joshua W reviewed Kuk Sool Won of Normal
via Facebook

A well run facility, you can tell the Instructors care about their students and are truly passionate about what they do. I couldn’t recommend this school more!

Jillian Johnson

Our family has had a wonderful experience at KSW of Bloomington/Normal. The instructors are passionate, experienced, and so welcoming. Our three year old son has been participating in the tiny tigers class and absolutely loves it. My son has so much fun and learns a lot as well! If your son/daughter has an interest in martial arts, we would highly recommend Kuk Sool Won of Bloomington/Normal!

Teresa Yates

Kuk Sool Won has changed my kids lives! The best program for building confidence, teaching self defense, and getting great fitness. Definitely the best martial arts school in Bloomington IL!!! Totally a family martial art

Tracy Haas

Kuk Sool Won is an amazing opportunity for all ages to grow! The family you gain in training is priceless, the memories even better! Great for body, mind & soul! The instructors are amazing people who love to share what they have practiced in a super comfortable atmosphere!!!

Victor Young

My son has been going here for the last six months and not only is it a fantastic martial arts school but the best place for character development as well! Don't look anywhere else.

Latoya Christine

Our son has autism and it takes him a while to focus and he doesn't always understand what's being asked of him. It was very hard to watch what I thought was him struggling, but in fact he was learning and they could see that!! Greg and Megan are completely phenomenal with him and all the kiddos. They love the kiddos so much and are so supportive to all the families.

Becky Ratley

My son has been in Kuk Sool for just a few weeks and he’s loved learning here! Megan and Greg are wonderful instructors and they offer a very hospitable atmosphere. Seeing my son gain more self esteem and confidence week after week is priceless. I would highly suggest Kuk Sool Won of Normal!

Ron Graziano

When I travel to central IL this is the ONLY place I will train! The Staff is amazing, the school is immaculate and the energy in this place makes you want to stay for hours!!

Hoangson Vu Dinh reviewed Kuk Sool Won of Normal
via Facebook

Mr. and Mrs. Farris were my son's instructors at Kuk Sool Won of Peoria. They are good with children, and they are good instructors. My son loves them.

Jenny Schroeder Weber reviewed Kuk Sool Won of Normal
via Facebook

Greg and Megan taught my kids for several years and are excellent instructors. Highly recommend them, as well as the martial art of Kuk Sool!

Mike Weber reviewed Kuk Sool Won of Normal
via Facebook

Amazing Korean martial arts instructors! It is perfect for children to learn respect, discipline and get more exercise into their routines, and it is amazing for adults to learn self-defense and get in shape. Make sure you check out their school for yourself. I know you will be impressed with the quality and energy!

Jordan Matthew Hardwick reviewed Kuk Sool Won of Normal
via Facebook

I have had the privilege of knowing the Instructors for several years and they have a real passion for teaching, and helping others! KSW of Normal offers great self defense training and a family friendly environment all provided to you by their top notch instructors!

Joey Medina reviewed Kuk Sool Won of Normal
via Facebook

Greg & Megan are 2 wonderful people who are motivated & dedicated to changing lives through martial art training. Their vast knowledge in the martial arts is 2nd to none in the Normal area. If you are looking for a credible martial art school that you can go & learn in a safe, clean & friendly environment than Kuk Sool Won of Normal is for you.

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Our latest news & thoughts

Child Development with Martial Arts

Fostering Self-Actualization in Children and Teens

When we think of human behavior, we often first focus on the problems or deficits that people have and how this affects their achievements, or lack thereof. Rarely is the first thought of what motivates someone and how to utilize that to help them grow and develop. Abraham Maslow’s development of the “Hierarchy of Needs” helped create a shift in psychology and how we view human behavior.

When Maslow created his “Hierarchy of Needs” his goal was to look at human behavior from a different perspective. All other schools of thought, at that time, were focused on the problematic behaviors of humans. So, this new viewpoint challenged professionals to approach behavior modification with a more positive outlook.

Maslow’s hierarchy is most often seen in a pyramid shape, indicating that the basic needs must be met before other, more complex goals can be achieved. And while the pyramid helps to help explain and visualize Maslow’s thinking, it’s implementation can be very rigid.The theory states that the basic needs, such as food and water, of an individual need to be met before they will desire a need for the next level concerning safety and security. After those most basic needs are met, individuals then seek friendships and a sense of accomplishment. Upon achieving these “psychological needs”, the person can then begin to fulfill their potential.

Although the overall foundation of this differing approach was groundbreaking, it is best for people to view it with a more fluid approach. Maslow only developed the pyramid to help give an overview. He never intended for those studying and using it to say that the bottom most levels would need to be fulfilled before the higher levels. While this may be true in some cases, that doesn’t necessarily fit all individuals. What is necessary is that each need or level if fulfilled in various ways and degrees and in different orders. The way that fits the individual’s road to self-actualization is key.

When the SKILLZ program was created, an extensive amount of research was done in different areas of science and psychology. One thing that was found is that not all individuals are the same and that there is no cookie-cutter approach to helping children and teens become the best version of themselves. What we must do is educate ourselves on what to expect and what not to expect from them at different ages. We then use this information as a guideline to help foster growth.

When we meet children and teens where they are in their stage of individual development, they thrive and are happier and more satisfied in their own development. This gives them the confidence to work towards higher goals. And since the instructors in the SKILLZ program are highly trained in the areas of child development and psychology, they recognize that one child may have a strong need for a feeling of accomplishment where another child, at the same age, may value friends more than achievement. We meet them where they are.

Focusing on the positive behaviors that each individual possesses and utilizing those things will help each person achieve personal growth and more satisfaction, thus resulting in self-actualization. This is especially true when working with children and teens because they need guidance and the more encouraging it is, the more confident they will be in the pursuit of their goals.

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